"Be not afriad of greatness. Some were born with greatness, some ACHIEVE greatness and some have greatness thrusted upon them."

Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is my friend Chris Miller's car. My brilliant roommate Marleen came up with an idea. She thought if would be funny if we put his car up for sale. It was awesome! we put fliers all over campus. We put this 2006 mazda 3 car up for sale for $600. We were smart and put Chris' and Jourdan's (his roommate) numbers on the flier. They figured it was us and told us that over 100 people called! Funny? oh yeah!

This was a more mild prank. This lovely soft, cushy pink pillow is Warren's cuddle pillow. Mar and I took it for a night, we took pictures with it, put them on facebook and tagged Warren as the pillow! Again, another awesome prank!

Luckily all these guys are great guys and can take a joke. Oh and they are all roommates, which makes these pranks even better!

Adventures up Ephraim Canyon

Some girls and me in the back of Tucker's truck, it was a bumpy ride!
This is Kyle Ivins, pretty much the coolest guy.

This is Tucker Smith, he caught this on his first cast. He was the only one who caught a fish out of the five of us. He was also generous enough to drive up the Canyon so we could enjoy this experience!

GiRls NiGhT!

We had chicken fights for girls night one week. It was a blast!
Roommates McCall and Lisa in chicken form

Everyone who participated in the chicken battle.
Every week our apartment has a girls night. We try and do creative things besides talking. This week was the funniest of them all...so far. Who knows what future weeks will hold for us!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

BYU Football Game

Laura Smith and I at the game with our matching sweatshirts!
The band was amazing to watch.

WHAT!! another interception...unbelievable

Great Formation.

 Laura and I


Saturday, October 3, 2009


1984 is a book I read in two days time.
Was I required to read it? yes. Did I enjoy reading it? NO!! This is by far the worse book I've ever read in my life! I have a quiz on Monday and I choose to read the book this weekend. With 50 pages left in the book I wanted to THROW it at my wall. With in 20 pages of finishing I wanted to BURN the book. It was driving me crazy. I would never recommend this book if my life depended on it. However, I do think it would make a good movie, but as far as the book goes I'm never reading it cover to cover ever again.