"Be not afriad of greatness. Some were born with greatness, some ACHIEVE greatness and some have greatness thrusted upon them."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Was it worth it?

This float was for Homecoming. It took three weeks to finish for ten mintues of glory. However, i got to stand on the float and throw candy to the students and people from Ephraim, but it was 40 degrees. Again was it worth it? i still can't decided. While building it my fingers almost fell off, i think i developed a little of the sniffles and i was incharge for some of the time!! Is it still worth it? Overall yes it was. Institute needed to get a message out to the students and i am glad i was apart of it.

Powder Puff

On the left are my soccer buddies. On the right is my awesome roommate Melanie.
First i would like to say that Soccer players were made to play powder puff. We dominated the field; offense and defense. I was an offensive linesmen and they were on defense. The game was sophmores vs freshman. We couldn't let freshmen beat us so we made sure we looked intimating, it worked the freshman didn't bring the heat that i thought they would. We won 12-0 it was pretty awesome.
I think my roommate Melanie is the real champ. She broke her wrist about a month ago and she played! i would be scared i would hurt someone even worse, myself. Not her she was brave and took on the competition. I guess it paid off

Getting Cold? Bonfires will keep you warm

Conference weekend was empty in Ephraim so my roommates and i decided that we wanted to do something. A bonfire sounded perfect and that is exactly what we did. Thanks to our guy friends for getting the wood and starting it. I'm sure us girls could of did it, but i don't think it would of been the same.
I would also like to add that i jumped over that bonfire! Don't be crazy, the flame was much lower. I couldn't risk getting my favorite jeans on fire!

Farewell Danny boy

September 21st was the day i said farewell to one of my best friends. My friend Danny and i were in the same third grade class and got reaquainted our junior year. We became best friends and now he is in the MTC ready to serve the people in Mexico. I'm super excited for him but i miss him terribly. The lord is more important in this case and i've accepted that. i know he is going to be a great missionary and very successful!