"Be not afriad of greatness. Some were born with greatness, some ACHIEVE greatness and some have greatness thrusted upon them."

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In Training

As most of you know, I like to be active as much as I can. On that note I decided start a bucket list that I want to fiinish before I leave. Here are some items I have chosen.

1. Hike Mt. Timpanogos (doing that this weekend!)

2. HIke the G with Tiffany Hayden (girl from council. She has never done it before and I promised her I would hike it with her before I left).

3. Run two half marathons. The first one is a Moonlight half in Mapleton. It's starts at 9PM and you have to finish before Midnight! The race is August 12th! it's coming up! The second half marathon is the Salt Lake City on Sept 3rd, a couple of weeks before I fly out for the MTC.

4. Have reunions with my former roommates and institute council. 

5. Attend the Temple weekly- Let me know if you want to go & I would be delighted to go with you!

6. Have as much fun as possible.

Not a very long bucket list, but I wanted to keep it simple because most of my summer is being dedicated to prepare for my mission. I didn't want to distract myself too much.